Industry Parternships

The ASDC advocates for the highest standards within clinical practice including the ethical management of patients through delivery of high quality Dermal Therapy services.  

ASDC members are encouraged to work with companies that provide products and equipment that support our ethical and evidence based approach.  This includes high quality production, excellence in after sales support, commitment to research and development and adhering to best practice regulatory processes. 

ASDC Industry Partnerships , alongside individual and clinic/business membership provides a mechanism for collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise within the industry.  This is through continued education opportunities to promote  clinical currency as well as a mutual commitment to improvement of the profession and industry through promoting safety and efficacy in patient care.

Clinics and industry partner medical/aesthetic device and product companies that are on the ASDC industry partner register are recognised for their commitment to these values.  The financial contribution of your membership provides vital funding for the development and execution of strategic projects toward our goal of becoming a recognised self regulating allied health profession with the National Alliance of Self Regulating Allied Health Professions by 2024.

2021 Partnership Categories 

Platinum         $10,000            (2 Available)
Gold                 $7,500              (3 Available)
Sliver               $5,500              (5 Available)
Bronze             $2,000.             (7 Available)

* Industry Partnerships are valid for 12 months from March 31st to March 31st

The ASDC are also seeking opportunities with industry for increasing membership benefits and engagement such as promoting company education events,  limited time promotions or ongoing discounts.