Dermal Clinicians specialise in skin management and non-surgical treatments to assist with acute and chronic skin conditions, disorders and diseases. The education of dermal health professionals is broad.  Including  study in skin and wound biology, dermatological conditions and management.  They also undertake studies inc sciences including physics, chemistry, psychology and general anatomy and physiology, as every system of the body can impact the health of the skin.  Conversely skin health and problems is associated with many other disorders or disease.  Dermal Clinicians will also have a focus on public health, skin health education and prevention programs.  Most importantly, Dermal Clinicians can assess and manage risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies to ensure treatments are effective and safe for consumers.


As a full member of the ASDC, a Dermal Clinician has studied an endorsed Bachelor Degree level qualification as outlined on the affiliation and education page.


A consumer does not need a referral to see a Dermal Clinician, however many patients will often have been referred by other health and medical professionals such as Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, GPs and nurses. This collaborative approach ensures patients receive specialist advice and treatment resulting in optimum clinical outcomes.