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As a member, you will have unique opportunities for professional development, access to experienced mentors, and notifications of career opportunities. Being part of an emerging allied health profession your membership is a great opportunity to further open doors in current and new clinical settings in health care. You will also be a valued voice as we work together toward self-regulation of the profession.



For just a few coffees a month you can access all these benefits! 

As a member you are provided access to the members area with so much to explore to help you now and into the future.


As a member organisation, we work to provide value to members.  Members can attend medical aesthetic conferences such as NSS and ASCD with an affiliate discount, as well as our own SKINCON education event.

ASDC members are eligible for discounts for insurance with Simplex and HR services with HR online.


Learn from experts in their field at times and in ways that suit you.  Including online webinars and recorded events, in-person conferences and workshops as well as our AUSMED learning platform with over 1200+ resources to explore and expand your knowledge and skillset.


Access a plethora of resources to assist you as an evidence-based skin health professional.  This includes guidelines for practice across broad topics relating to skin health and management.  You have access to scientific databases and journals as well as updates and advice in a rapidly changing and growing sector.


As a member organisation we are here to listen and support you.  You can access peer support in exclusive online forums and groups as well as opportunities to mentor or be mentored.  Making membership relevant and having a positive impact on you, whether you are new to your career or a seasoned skin health professional.  


Together, we have a cohesive and powerful voice.   We are a trusted representative of dermal health professionals with a clear message based on our insight and understanding of our members and sector.  As a peak professional body for dermal health professionals, we represent you in high-impact forums to forge a path for the future.


Our member organisation provides you with opportunities to be recognised as a leader in your field, upholding standards of safety and quality in skin health.   In this rapidly evolving and dynamic profession, we work to support opportunities for you to grow and expand into a variety of areas where your knowledge and skills in managing skin health are of importance and value.


Meet our members

You never know where your career will take you and we are here to support you in exploring and helping you to open doors to a fulfilling career.

Membership Categories



$200 p/a or $18 p/m

The Industry member category, also called our 'Friends of the ASDC' is anyone within the skin sector who works with or has a special interest in skin health.  ​

This may be beauty therapists, health or allied health professionals, industry representatives from medical equipment or product companies as well as dermal clinicians and therapists that reside and practice outside of Australia.



$250 p/a or $22 p/m

​To apply for Full membership with the ASDC and be eligible to use the title "Dermal Clinician", applicants must have graduated from an endorsed Bachelor degree.  Currently, the ASDC recognises the programs listed below.

To be eligible for this category you need to have completed an undergraduate Bachelor Degree in dermal science or clinical aesthetics that is at least 3 years in duration.  This must include both theory and supervised practical training.

Bachelor of Dermal Science Victoria University

Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Dermal Therapies), *superseded Victoria University

Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies) *superseded Victoria University 

Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) Torrens University

Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) Australasian College of Health and Wellness

Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) Australian Dermal Science Institute



$250 p/a or $22 p/m

To apply for Associate membership with the ASDC and be eligible to use the title "Dermal Therapist", applicants must have graduated from an ASDC-endorsed vocational or undergraduate/postgraduate program listed below

Qualifications are required to be at least 12 months in duration and include both theory and supervised practical training.

Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) Australasian College of Health and Wellness

Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science (52850WA) AACDS and Gray Clay

Graduate Diploma in Dermal Science (52854WA) AACDS and Gray Clay

Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables (52852WA) AACDS and Gray Clay

Graduate Certificate in IPL and Laser Hair Reduction (SIB70110)



$120 p/a or $11 p/m

Students who are enrolled in ASDC-endorsed Dermal Science/Therapy programs are also encouraged to apply as students and participate in ASDC events and continuing education opportunities.


Depending on which ASDC-endorsed course you are enrolled in (see affiliated institutions and recognised education programs below), will determine which title students may use ie. "Student Dermal Clinician" or "Student Dermal Therapist"

Membership in 3 steps


Application and Payment

Fill in the Application form.


Choose your payment option.

We have options for annual, monthly as well as self-renewing payment plans.  

please review the terms and conditions before proceeding.


Verification and Processing

Once you have applied you will receive a few automated emails to prompt you through the verification and processing phase of your application by the membership team.

Keep an eye on your emails as they will be in touch if they require any further information


Enjoy your benefits!

Once approved you will receive access to your member onboarding information and resources as well as the members area of the website.  

Make sure to keep note of the email and password you use when signing up for your payment option as this will be your member log in.

Get started today!

  • How long does it take to process my membership
    Student and Industry memberships generally take between 1-2 weeks to process and Full and Associate Memberships between 2-3 weeks. The added delay for full and associate memberships is due to the identity and qualification process that is required with our service provider Fit2Work. These time frames are based on all information being provided at the time of application. If the membership team requires further information they will be in touch but this can delay processing times.
  • Why do I have to provide demographic information in my membership application?
    The member demographic information is not mandatory to provide but it does really help with gathering big data on our profession. What is big data you may ask? When the ASDC is requested by government departments to represent our profession we can only do this through understanding our profession and membership base. In adherence to our privacy policies data is de-identified and aggregated so that we can see patterns not individuals. In making powerful and positive change for the future, without gathering information about our profession we don't exist. For example, When looking at whether there is a the need to advocate for changing the modern award for dermal health professionals we need to understand what award you are currently being paid under and at what rate? When we look at advocating for self regulation leading into private health funding and eventually medicare provider numbers we need to provide evidence of the areas of Australia that you service the public, whether you are in health care settings or private practice, the types of services you provide and clients that you assist. All of this assists in building a case for how we help improve health outcomes. Big data is key!
  • Why do I need to complete an identify and qualification check?
    The identity and qualification check only applies to our Full Members (Dermal Clinicians) and Associate Members (Dermal Therapists). As an allied health profession one of the requirements for self regulation is to ensure that we have mechanisms to protect the public from fraudulent individuals. The ASDC uses a secure third party provider, Fit2Work to undertake your identity and qualification check. We do this to ensure that your personal data is a secure as possible. The ASDC absorb the cost of this process within your membership fee so you are not further out of pocket and you even get to keep the report should you need to provide one for your employment or other membership applications. The importance of this rigour is also paramount as when a consumer come to our website to locate a dermal clinician or dermal therapist they know that this person has the qualification they say they do to use their professional title and that they are who they say they are. We definitely understand that it requires more time and effort on your part but its definitely worth it for the person seeking a safe and reputable skin health professional. Click here to fill out your Fit2Work application
  • Will I automatically be added to the member locator page?
    Only our full members (Dermal Clinicians) and Associate Members (Dermal Therapists) are added to the locator page and ONLY if the they provide permission in their application form. If you are a student or industry member you will not be included on the member locator form. If you didn't provide permission on the member application you can let us know you would like to be added by filling in the form on the locator page
  • Will my membership automatically renew?
    If you choose a 12 month trial membership this is a once off payment and WILL NOT automatically renew. If you prefer to have complete control over when and how you pay this may be the option for you. By popular request we do offer both annual ongoing and monthly ongoing payment plans that do automatically renew and will continue until you decide to cancel. We offered these plans in response to many of our members indicating that their membership lapsed due to forgetting each year to make their payment, particularly when they are busy. You are in complete control of your plan at all times and can change your payment details or cancel your plan at anytime yourself from your member profile on the ASDC website. The image below shows exactly how to do this.
  • What happens if my payment fails?
    If you have an ongoing plan the credit, debit card or PayPal account you indicated was your preferred option will be charged each month or year depending on your chosen plan. If your payment fails you will receive a reminder email to let you know that your membership has entered a grace period and provides instructions to go into your member profile to check your card details. You will be requested to indicate that you are happy to reactivate the payment. If your card details have changed or you want to change your preferred payment method you can also do this. If you don't make a payment within after 14 days your membership will enter a pending cancellation period. After three months if you have not renewed your payment you will no longer be a financial member and this will impact on your access to the members area and benefits. We are always here to support you and if you are experiencing financial hardship or challenges please reach out and let us know so that we can discuss options with how to support you best. This can be solutions such as putting a pause on your membership so that you can resume when you are able to or changing from an annual to a monthly plan. The image below will help you with finding where you can change your plans and payment details
  • Will I get a membership certificate?
    Yes after your membership is processed you will receive a number of emails this includes your members onboarding instructions and checklist, your invoice, a PDF of your member certificate, as well as your member logo and certification mark which can be used on your website or in email signatures in alignment with our terms of use agreement. The ASDC moved to digital certificates due to feedback from members as they indicated they were happy to print and frame these however we understand that times and our members do change so we are currently taking feedback as to whether we return to sending these out to members. Please feel free to let us know by sending us your feedback which you prefer
  • How do I download my membership resources and annual logo?
    You can download your membership resources by going into your member profile at the top of the screen and choosing your membership category from the menu. The instructions attached show screen shots of how to do this.
  • What can I do if my password isn't recognised for the members area?
    If your password doesn't work, or it doesn't recognised your password you can click "Forgot Password" and it will send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you don't receive an email get in touch by sending a chat through the website and we can check which email is registered to your account and do a reset if required.
  • Can I change the email I use to log in to the members area?
    Yes, you can but you may need our assistance with this. You can get in touch by sending a chat through the website or an email to and we can change that for you. This will usually also require a password reset as well.
  • Where do I find my membership number?
    As a member of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians you will be provided with a unique membership number. This can be used to apply for discounts with our affiliate organisations such as insurance, conference ticket discounts and more. For our Dermal Clinician and Dermal Therapist category members your membership can also be valuable for the public and other health professionals to verify your certification as a qualified dermal health professional. You will find your unique membership number on your membership certificate as well as in your member profile on our website to locate this you will follow the steps below. Click on the profile icon on the top of the website Navigate to the tab MY ACCOUNT Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find your membership category and your unique member number
  • Do you have a pro rata membership option?
    It is important to the ASDC that our members get the most value from their membership each year. We don't have a pro-rata membership for our annual one-off payment memberships, as all our annual memberships begin and end from the date you join us. If you choose an annual ongoing membership your payment will be deducted on the anniversary when you joined. If however, you do need to change your membership category part the way through a twelve-month term, such as when you are a student and may change to an associate or full member category we do offer a monthly payment option as well and this can be started or discontinued at any time as well as being able to cancel a monthly and move to a new annual plan. For more information don't hesitate to reach out to our membership secretary at
  • If I am not a qualified Dermal Clinician or Dermal Therapist can I join the ASDC?
    Yes you definitely can, we have a category called Industry Member which we like to call our 'friends of the ASDC'. If you are interested in skin health, want to know more about how to integrate with dermal clinicians and dermal therapists, or want to keep up with news and events and support the important work the association does you can join this category. Our industry members may be professional administration or practice management staff, health professionals from medical, nursing or allied health disciplines, beauty or skin therapists and representatives from product and equipment companies
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