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The Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians aims to provide members with up-to-date news regarding the impact of COVID-19 on skin health education and management provided by Dermal Clinicians and Therapists during this time. 

However, due to the dynamic and changing nature of this situation please be advised that for the most current government information and public health orders please refer to the federal and state websites below.

Skin Health & Therapy During the Pandemic

Dermal Clinicians adhere to government public health orders and government directives during the ongoing pandemic.  As allied health professionals we are required to comply with these requirements.  These can change state to state and in relation to cases and impacts on health care resources.  Some of the things that are commonly required currently that may mean you skin health services may be a bit different to previously include:

1. Using tele-health or virtual consultation methods to limit the face to face time in the clinic to therapeutic time.

2. Vaccination requirements for practitioners and patients.  Your clinic and skin health professional will be able to advise you on the current requirements for their locality and government jurisdiction.

3. Use of protective personal equipment.  Allied health professionals adhere to current government directives regarding the use of face masks, face shields or protective eyewear to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  

4. QR Code check-in to assist with contact tracing should this be required.

5. Dermal Clinicians have stringent infection control practices due to the treatments we perform, however during this time cleaning of shared spaces is increased and other methods to manage how many people can be in the clinic is implemented.

COVID-19 Member Updates

Stay up to date with latest ASDC advice and resources.

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