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Do you want to study a professional certificate fully funded?

Scholarship Opportunity with HealthCert Education

We thank HealthCert Education who are offering a fully funded scholarship valued at $1995 to one of our ASDC members. The person awarded this scholarship can choose to study the professional certificate of general dermatology or the professional certificate in dermoscopy.

Announcement of Scholarship Winner

The scholarship will be awarded to the successful applicant on July 6th at 5 pm at the networking event during the SKINCON23 program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a member of the ASDC

  • Must have a recognised Bachelor's Qualification (pre-requisite entry requirement)

  • Must submit a 750 word statement as to how and why this opportunity for professional development will improve the accessibility of care as well as contribute to improved skin health outcomes in your practice and for your patients.

  • The scholarship winner must contribute a 1500-word article for the ASDC for their editorial at the completion of their studies on the topic of study and interest.

Evaluation Requirements

Evaluation of submissions will be conducted by the Education Board and approved by the Executive Board based on the following criteria:

1. Validation of ASDC Membership status

2. Strategies and justification for improving accessibility of care

3. Strategies and justification for how this opportunity will improve future personal and professional growth

4. Strategies and justification for how this opportunity can be used to further the profession by the applicant.

Submission and Due Date

Expressions of interest statements must be submitted by the 21st of July at 5 pm to with the subject heading HealthCert Scholarship Application.

We look forward to seeing you at SKINCON for the announcement

on behalf of the ASDC Education Team

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