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Dermal Clinicians are allied health professionals with expertise in skin health. We are evidence-based, independent practitioners. You might find us working in private practice, community health settings, medical specialty areas as well as within hospital outpatient clinics.

Dermal Clinicians are allied health professionals with an AQF 7 Bachelor of Health Science. We have expertise in assessing and managing the skin in health and disease. Dermal Clinicians work interprofessionally and collaboratively with other specialists or health professionals to achieve optimal outcomes for clients.

Dermal Clinicians have trained in an evidence-based paradigm in the provision of skin health education, assessment, and management options. The education and training of Dermal Clinicians also include many hours of supervised clinical practice. Dermal Clinicians can provide therapeutic management of concerns relating to skin health and appearance and common skin conditions, disorders, and diseases that affect the Australian population.


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