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If you want to know more about what roles a dermal health professional can play in your business and clinical practice and want to know more about how to employ a dermal clinician you can refer to the resources below.  This includes how to refer to a dermal clinician or therapist in private practice as well as resources and information regarding employing dermal clinicians such as the employment forum and information on salary.

Refer to a Dermal Health Professional

Find out more about how dermal clinicians and therapists work with other health professionals and aesthetic practitioners

Scope of Practice

The scope of practice pictogram provides an overview of the interventions within the scope of practice of dermal clinicians.

Standards of Practice & Codes of Conduct

The standards of practice for dermal clinicians and therapists provides guidance and information on what to expect from your skin health professional

Salary and Employment Information

If you are employing a Dermal Clinician or Therapist, this guidance document provides information on renumeration.

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